Quick & Easy Setup of LAMP Server for Drupal Development



When developing a drupal website, you'll often need to install a fresh version of Linux (in our example we'll use Ubuntu) on a local machine, or on a staging server, for development purposes.

Google Instant Preview - Web Design Considerations

With the recent introducton of Google Instant Preview, potential customers no longer need to visit your website in order to get a first impression. By hovering over the arrow to the right of each search result, potential customers can get an overview of the content of your website and may never visit your site directly at all if it doesn't attract them.

Using CSS3 in Drupal and Internet Explorer - Module or Code


There are so many great new features in CSS3 that developers are itching to start using it. However, there is the issue of cross browser compatibility as usual, an issue with Internet Explorer (IE) in particular.

Using CSS in Drupal Design

knooq-howto.png For a Drupal Designer, when using the Drupal CMS to design websites, it is sometimes easy to fall into the mindset of looking for a module to do everything for you.

How to change File and Folder Ownership in Drupal and Linux


There are occasions when you'll need to change the file and folder ownership for your Drupal installation on your Linux web-server, VPS or home PC. Using the command line in Linux Terminal can be a little off-putting to begin with, however once you learn a few commands it'll become second nature to you.

How to set File Permissions For Drupal and Linux


What is HTML5 ?

HTML5 represents the latest iteration of webdesign practices across the web standards framework. The term HTML5 is, at its most basic, the latest web standard and specification for web page markup code.  These standards are created and issued by the W3C Consortium, which is the organisation responsible for steering the evolution of the web, its standards, capabilities and protocols.

The Mobile Web - your website has gone mobile but has its design?


So you think your website is doing just fine in its current form, but could it do better? The growth in the amount of searches ocurring on mobile devices has been significant and has taken a few people and organisations by surprise.

Understanding Robots.txt and Duplicate Content issues with Drupal Comments

blog by Knooq A guide to the Robots.txt file and its use within the Drupal content management system, particularly in relation to duplicate content created by 'Comments' in Drupal.

Little England brings New Business to the Dordogne in Aquitaine


Yesterday ITV's new Reality TV Documentary 'Little England' aired, with stunning aerial views of the Dordogne region of France, it showcased some of the 1001 Chateaux in the region, and focused on the English Expat community and their lives there.