Knooq Drupal Development and Consultation

We design with and promote the use and development of the Drupal Open Source Content Management System ("Drupal CMS"). We provide consultation and advice to clients using or wishing to convert to, the Drupal CMS.

Drupal CMS Development Services

  • Bespoke Website Design and Drupal CMS Integration
  • Customised Graphic Design and Theme Creation
  • Module Integration and Module Coding
  • Customised HTML, CSS, PHP and jQuery
  • Drupal CMS based Website Redesigns
  • Server installation, Server-side Security and Caching
  • E-commerce Design and CMS Integration
  • Site Audits and Problem Resolution
  • Migration of Existing Websites to the Drupal CMS
  • Ongoing Service and Support

Overview of a Content Management System

A content management system is an application framework that wraps all of the HTML, CSS PHP, and Javascript/JQuery code that make up a modern website into an interface that can be used by a non technical individual. This interface allows clients and end-users to change and add content to their website using conventional tools.

The Benefits of a Content Management System

There are many advantages to using open-source software, not least the large community of developers and designers that contribute so much to the advancement of the software.

For developers, a CMS enables them to hand over control of the content to the client, whilst the developer is then free to add further technical functionality, should the client wish. It's the modularity and extendible nature of a CMS that is attractive because it enables the website designer to offer services at a lower cost when compared to programming, due to the sheer number of pre-existing modules that have already been vetted for functionality and security.

For the client, the advantages of using a CMS include the ability to add content such as new pages, blog articles and multi-media without having to return to the site developer. This places a publishing platform in the hands of the website owner and give clients immense control over their website and content.

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