Graphic Design for Business and the Web

Some say that a graphic designer needs plenty of inspiration, so what better place than beautiful Bordeaux in South Western France. Although based here, we cater to businesses throughout France and Europe, designing for the web, advertising and print based media.

Graphic Design for business has taken a distinct shift from print towards online media in recent years. In doing so, it has become more important than ever, because your designs are seen by a wider audience on the internet than they would have been in print. This arises from the greater reach of the internet and the wider audience it naturally attracts to your website, products and services.

Here at Knooq, we place a particular emphasis on targeted graphic design when creating websites or print media. Focusing on your brand, we create fluid consistent designs that are distinctive to your business and its marketplace.

Web Graphics

Incorporating a stunning visual design into your website, can lift the image and professionalism of a business brand on the web immeasurably.

We provide a range of Graphic design services, from bespoke website graphics, logo design, custom banners, slides, social media logos and more. In fact, we create the graphic designs for everything you see on a webpage including backgrounds, borders, footers, and icons.

Customised Graphic design needn't be expensive and we can generally accommodate any budget. The process is straightforward. We will discuss your requirements with you and taking into account your tastes, provide draft graphic design ideas for your consideration.

The extra benefits that come with customised graphic design can be associated with better customer satisfaction, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Graphic Design for Email

Email marketing is great way to inform your clients of new products and services, special offers or for maintaining a customer relationship.

At Knooq we create graphic designs for email that reflect the theme, logo and style of your website whilst showcasing new products and services. This kind of direct marketing can prove to be very effective for both new and existing customers.

Graphic Design for Print

Whatever you needs, be it Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers, Posters or Handouts, we can easily transfer your logo and website themes into a format adapted to your printing requirements.

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