Logo Design and Creation for Business

We believe that effective Logo design is part of creating a strong business brand. At Knooq, we specialise in creating memorable Logo designs that help to convey your business's identity, professionalism and ethos.

Incorporating great visual impact into a logo or brand creates a lasting impression on clients. It can represent the tone and culture of your business and importantly, should leave a lasting positive familiarity with those who see it.

It is sometimes relatively easy to dismiss the value of design when it comes to Logos with many thinking that text will suffice. However when we think of famous Logos we don't just think of words, we think of pictures and colours. A rule of thumb for a design agency like Knooq is that the brand should be recognisable when the text is covered over.

If you think of many famous logos, and then try to think about the image within it, you'll find that a lot of them are recogniseable just from the image or shape of the logo. This is brand recognition, and though obvious when looked at in this way, its easy to overlook when you are busy and have a long list of things to do for your business.

In many cases the font in a logo is smartly stylised so that it, in itself becomes part of an image and is instantly recognisable. Fonts can be very artistic and can be used in conjuntion with an insignia to create a great logo.

When designing a Logo or brand, we place an emphasis on how you see your business and the vision you have for it. Your ideas form an important part of the consultation process. We then bring our artistic and creative flair to bear, ensuring that your completed logo is representative of your business identity and message. If we are also desiging your website we will integrate the web design with aspects of your logo to create an overall professional and fluid design theme.

Marketing terminology has its place, but putting that to one side, our general rule is that "Logos should look great and convey the right message".

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