Website Branding & Identity

Incorporating a contemporary brand into your website can be seen as an investment in the your corporate identity and brand value. While a lot of these terms can seem to be just marketing terminology, it is widely accepted that effective branding can enhance the user experience, and this is referred to as the UX in web design terms.

As many businesses move their operations more towards an online presence, the importance of establishing an online brand is ever more apparent. Whether small or large, the first port of call for many businesses can be through their websites. The growth in social media has also seen businesses with an existing website extend this branding into the social web thereby pushing their brands into those online arena's that see a lot of traffic.

What's in a Brand?

A brand can be as simple as an insignia or logo, or as extensive as a theme which reflects your desired image for your business. This theme should run throughout your website design. It can be "soft and fluffy" or "cool and contemporary" but should always be distinctive.
When looking at brand building, how you feel about your business is important. Is it traditional or modern? What is the demographic of your customer base? Where would you like to see your brand in the future? We take these factors and many more into consideration when designing your brand.

Brand Importance

We don't consider branding to be exclusive to large businesses. Your website can reflect your brand no matter what the size of business. Getting started can be as simple as having a logo designed and developing your website thereafter. Along with creative design, we help our clients to look at extending the reach of their brand to the social web, either through a facebook page or a themed twitter page, amongst others.

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Can you Feel it?

An important element of your website is the experience visitors get from it. From the overall design theme through to the logo, content and ease of use. There are many factors which form part of your Brand on the internet. It is the crossover between business cards, branded stationery and brochures. Your website is all this and more. Our mission is to create great branding and a great visitor experience.

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