Web Design Process

The web design process invloves a range of stages, from concept through to build-phase, then testing and launch. Our planning process ensures that your website development runs smoothly. The length of time depends on the complexity of the design project, however each project follows the same design process, which is measurable and clear. If you have opted for custom graphic design and or branding these are given first priority and once complete, are incorporated into your professional web design. Our design process takes into consideration a range of relevant factors, as detailed below.


Getting started involves a detailed discussion of your requirements, with an emphasis on how best to present your business from a design perspective. Client input is crucial, whilst we advise and consult, helping you to plan and budget for your "Production Website", i.e. the completed project.

Design Specification

Our customised website designs are based upon client's input as set out in the design specification. Inbuilt project milestones allow you to follow the progress of your website build. This collaboration ensures that you remain informed, an that you feel in touch with the design process.

Content is Key

We place a strong emphasis on developing a website that is clear in what it offers, is easy to use, a breeze to navigate, and that fits with what the search engines expect to see, i.e. relevant content that delivers what your customers are searching for. We also think it should look great, be memorable, and brand distinctive.

graphic design process

Ideas & Planning

For your website design, you are bound to have some idea of what you want. Our role in this phase is to make suggestions, to advise what is technically practical, what the cost will be, and the timescale to completion. The level of flexibility for changes and the range of design options are set out in the client specification. We'll build your requirements into this specification and get started on your project.


Understanding your target market is just as important to us as it is to you. That's why we benchmark your target search phrases against the market, building this into the web development process. Our analysis of your customer base helps to tailor your website design to best serve those visitors.

Website Launch

Once the design and build of your website are complete we will test it. This normally involves the client themselves, browsing and clicking, and generally testing the site from a user's perspective. We make any necessary changes, and then we're "go for launch".

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