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At Knooq we've brought together a range of services to meets the needs of businesses of all sizes.

  • Website Design and Development.
  • Content Management System.
  • Custom Graphic Design.
  • Branding.
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP Coding.
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Blogs and Content Syndication.
  • Server Setup and Administration.
  • Setup and monitoring of Google/Yahoo/Bing Webmaster & Analytics accounts.
  • Visitor Analytic's and Site Statistics.
  • Setup and Budgeting of Online Advertising Accounts and Ad Campaigns.
  • Onsite optimisation and offsite organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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Your Website is an Important Asset

Many businesses underestimate the importance of implementing a great website and online presence. Of course, a website can be used simply as an electronic brochure or online flier, but it can and should be a whole lot more than that. This point becomes particularly poignant when looking at marketing and search ranking factors.

The right website can represent an important asset when it comes to presenting your business. In many cases, a website is the first, and potentially, the last impression prospective clients get of your business. That's why we're passionate about websites and believe that the extra effort needed to construct a well designed, easily navigable site is well worth it. Websites can be packed full of stunning graphics and themes, or simply, clear and contemporary.

Our design specification sets out in detail our client's wishes. The design process adheres to this specification until matched by the finished product.

Great Design is a Key Factor

A nice website can add value to your brand and reputation. Taking that extra effort to ensure your customers have a memorable experience on your site can speak volumes about your business and professionalism, thereby letting you portray the right impression.

A well designed website and a well thought through strategy can do wonders for your brand and customer base. That's why we work on a relationship basis, helping you get started and helping you to grow your website and develop your online strategy over many months and years. So as the success of your business grows, so too can your website.

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